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A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Flanders Corporation
Air Filtration Systems for Industrial, Research and Military facilities that handle dangerous
or toxic biological, radiological or carcinogenic materials.

GRF-Series Filter Housing

The Flanders/CSC GRF-Series bag-in/bag-out filter housing allows for the installation of a single radial-flow HEPA filter element in a low CFM ventilation system (e.g. glovebox, isolator).

The GRF-Series filter housings are designed for particulate filtration.  The GRF-Series design allows the housing to be tested in place and is flexible in that it allows various arrangements of inlet and outlet ports to fit particular applications.


One of the primary uses of HEPA filters is for the containment of toxic materials.  When filters become contaminated in service with these materials, a method for their removal without direct operator contact is necessary. 

The bag-in/bag-out feature of the GRF-Series allows the operator to change filters without coming into direct contact with the toxic materials (such as viable organisms, radioactive dust, and carcinogens) that have been collected by the filter element during it's service life. 

Air is supplied to and exhausted from the GRF-Series housing through round inlets and outlets that are connected to the owner's pipe or ducting.






The GRF-Series housing is designed for single filter replacement from the top of the unit.  The housing can be installed for top access or side access.  The housing can be supported in several ways, such as mounting lugs, stands, and even by the inlet/outlet connections in some applications.